More Knee-Jerk Gun Control
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From: Dave S., San Francisco, CA
Category: Miscellaneous
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Date: Jan 23, 2013
Time: 05:16:33 PM


The politicians are at it again; another knee-jerk reaction to another shooting, this time in Connecticut. The politicians again are pointing the finger at guns and ammunition, the NRA and the mentally ill (and make sure to include target shooters, hunters, kids and other good family people -- who deep down are really only criminals waiting to snap.) Make the American people think that they're smart and that they've done their homework and really want to fix the problem. When I was a kid many years ago, all the schools had shooting teams. I remember taking a .22 cal rifle to school on the NYC subway system. I also remember walking on country roads with my.22 just plinking away at rocks, dead wood, tin cans, etc. It never entered my mind to shoot anyone. I also recall seeing a 60 Minutes program where it showed Leonid Brezhnev (the Russian General Secretary) casually reading a newspaper in a taxi while on his way to work at the Kremlin! No guards; no secret service, no big deal. In the same program, they showed then Pres. Reagan surrounded by secret service agents, armed guards, bulletproof vehicles and so on. That says something about our contemporary society. Anyone with half a brain can see that violence control, not gun control, is what’s needed. The U.S. is full of hatred and violence everywhere you look. Think of that nice friendly, folksy everyday American culture: Kill the umpire; Moider da bums; Kill the Yankees; Kill the dirty Muslims; Kill the dirty Russians; Kill the dirty Chinks; Go ahead punk, make my day; Rambo; The Godfather; Scarface; Bonnie and Clyde, Goodfellas; Stallone; Pacino; Eastwood; Schwarzenegger, John Wayne; the hog slop posing as music, and so on and on and on. That’s the real issue that needs to be addressed. The problem isn’t individual killers – it will never be possible to prevent isolated random murders. It’s the mainstream violence that needs to change. IN THE MEANTIME, THE POLITICIANS’ PROPAGANDA ALLIES (AND FINANCIAL BACKERS) IN HOLLYWOOD GET OFF SCOT-FREE: NOT A SINGLE WORD IN PENDING GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION ABOUT CONTROLLING THE VIOLENCE PROMOTED 24/7 BY THE SICK "ENTERTAINMENT" INDUSTRY – THROUGH VIOLENT MOVIES, VIOLENT TELEVISION, VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES, VIOLENT SPORTS AND VIOLENT MUSIC! These days the cute cliché is called: ”kicking' the can down the road." AGAIN! Here are photos of the grandkids in the Adirondacks enjoying themselves shooting a12 gage. Do they really look like future criminals that need gun control? Or, is it our violent society that needs violence control?